Microsoft URLS

Sick of trying to migrate the Microsoft website – I know I am – So I am collecting links that take you to the page you actually want rather pages which tell you  how brilliant microsoft are – let me know if you have any others

List of links to useful pages:

Action Pack – download software

office365 OWA (Without going to the waffle to start with!)

Lexmark MS310DN E260DN reset dhcp settings

Quick notes on factory reset  of eprom to clear static IP on the little Lexmark

  1. open front of printer as if you were changing toner
  2. hold down the go/ ok/ green  button while turning on  the printer two lights should flash on the right (if you want you can press ok to print off instructions but the are below)
  3. press the X / cancel button until you get to the sequence where the last  2 lights flash (about 20 times)
  4. press the ok/go button again all the lights should flash sequentially
  5. restart the printer press the ok/go button twice to print the test sheet which will show if DHCP is working
  6. I found some printers took more then one attempt to do this

office 365 older versions of office

If you need to use an older version of office on office365

login as the site admin

go here:

You can then download some older pc and mac versions of office

Yosemite will not download

delete all instances of “Install OSX Yosemite”  from /Applications/ and eject my old USB key, which was labeled “Install OSX Yosemite_10.10.1” before my computer would download the latest (10.10.2) installer.

virgin superhub2 some more notes

Probably most of my hits come from people configuring these things

In modem mode to reboot

To view the status page (you need to login)

still working on the terrible ping response times from this device over time – i might just connect a timeswitch to reboot it every day


also working on how you get it to login in modem mode if you are a business customer as dhcp fails to work


Non-techs the management team – typical business setup

1st line – answer calls deal with basic issues

2nd line – deal with escalated issues and any problems that 1st line cannot resolve – speak to customers from time to time but not first point of contact

3rd line – deal with projects and escalated issues 2nd line cannot handle – rarely speak with end users – technical skills take precedent to interpersonal skills

IT Manager – responsible for managing the team – project direction, project management and planning and liaising with management team

IT Director/CIO – responsible for direction of IT and ensuring that the resources and budgets meet the business needs