Article #5: Fujutsu Megaraid HDD upgrade


Class: Solutions
Adding disks to Fujitsu servers


Description Freefield: Fujitsu Disk upgrades with LSI megaraid

After much experimentation the solution I found to do this

Add the additional hard disks on spare sata ports
Boot into the raid configuration and create a new array with the two hard disks
The ui here sucks – you need to press spacebar/enter to select each disk press f10 to create the array – ignore that it says that it will add them to the existing array when you press f10 again it does create a new array make sure to select raid 1 (The default) and ensure you have added both disks
There is no need to initialise the array – if you make a mistake you can delete the new array safely and try again
On reboot boot of an up to date version of acronis to copy the drives and resize
Power off – remove the old disks

Power on – tell megaraid to ignore the drive changes

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